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COL Financial

Do you have plans of growing your money by investing in the Philippine stock market any time soon? Or are you already a stock market investor who happens to have loads of friends who keep asking you about how to open an account with an online stock brokerage company? (Did I just describe myself BEFORE and AFTER I opened my very first stocks investment account? LOL.)

Today, in this post, I am very happy to share with you how easy and economical it is to open an account in the Philippines’ top online stock brokerage company: COL Financial Group Inc.

Disclaimer: Journey To Millions is not affiliated with COL Financial. We only share with you what we have experienced first hand. :-)

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Emergency Fund

In one of our previous articles entitled “Knowing How To Get To Where You Want To Go,” we have shared with you three specific financial goals that every person should ideally aim for. One of them is building an Emergency Fund.

In this article, I would share with you how our emergency fund helped save my life and how it can potentially save yours too!

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Journey To Millions - SSS, PhilHealth and Pag-IBIG: What Every Filipino Shouldn't Miss!
If you are a fellow Filipino reading this article, you must have already heard of these three very popular government institutions:

1. SSS / Social Security System
2. PhilHealth / Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
3. Pag-IBIG Fund / Home Development Mutual Fund

But the question is, “How much do we really know about them?”

If I were to ask you now, could you tell me what each institution is for? How much does it cost to become a member? What benefits do members enjoy?

These are only some of the questions that we will try to rediscover in this article today, with the help of the top leaders of SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-IBIG, as they are very well interviewed by On The Money’s host, Edrick Mendoza.

Be surprised by how much you and I don’t know.

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“The smallest effort matters and makes a difference.”

-Danielle Steel, A Gift of Hope

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Journey To Millions - Our Top Ten Personal Finance Mistakes That You Should Avoid
In my previous article about making more money, you watched how Elvin (my ex-boyfriend, now husband) struggled to help send his brother and sister to college while saving up for our dream wedding. Propelled by his burning passion to tie the knot, he took a leap of faith and used his creativity to maximize his earning potential; something that many of us can also do to augment one’s limited income.

It was a great success for Elvin, having his financial goals met, you might guess. But as anyone would agree, the road to millions is not without its own challenges, especially when the journey is shared by two in marriage.

In this article, you will discover our Top 10 Biggest Personal Finance Mistakes that we hope you would avoid.

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