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“An educated man will not go hungry.
He will not be easily swayed and he can adapt to any situation better.”

-Jason Rainer Mendoza

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Education and your Journey To Millions

It’s the first quarter of the year 2015. What better way to start the new year than to learn another good way of increasing your chances of becoming a millionaire?

In this post, I will be sharing with you what education can contribute to your own Journey To Millions!

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An eight-week long journey to understand personal financial planning in the Philippine setting


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Registered Financial Planner

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It’s been quite a while since we last had a chance to update you on our personal Journey To Millions. So, in this article, we decided to share with you what our latest escapade was as personal finance advocates.

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“Organized financial records are a foundation of effective money management.”

-Jack Kapoor

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In my previous article entitled Top 5 Personal and Financial Risks You Should Manage, I promised to help you get organized with your personal and financial records. For some, it might seem like a very mundane task, something that won’t need too much guiding or hand holding, but based on our experience, it’s not as easy as it seems. Figuring out which personal and financial record stays or which goes takes a considerable amount of thinking and preparation.

So, for today, we will be going through a list of personal and financial records that matters to your journey to millions. Excited to know what they are?

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Everyday, you make a lot of personal and financial decisions that shape your financial life. Seven days a week, twelve months a year, you choose how to spend, save, and share your money, time, and effort on people, things, and activities that matter to you. But how often do you think about the risks associated with the personal and financial decisions you make?

In this article, you will discover a number of risks involved in making your personal and financial decisions and explore what actions you can take to manage them.

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